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Got Drill Press Wobble? A few things to check by Gunther Diamond Tools

Got Drill Press Wobble? A few things to check by Gunther Diamond Tools

How true is your Drill Press?

    A few worthwhile reads that can get you on the path to precision drilling is available online. If you are a member of, check out an an excellent article they have on file. Tuning Your Drill Press - How to find and eliminate vibration, play and wobble by Robert M. Vaughan
    Not a member? Another excellent article available on line is Learn How to Tune-Up a Drill Press by Chris Baylor 


    Check your Spindle – that could be the source of that wobble

      You can experience wobble if the spindle is bent. An easy way to test this is to insert any drill bit and matching size counter part. Lower the drill press head so that it is off center and adjacent to the counter part. They should be touching side by side (not above and below). When you hand turn the drill press chuck, you will see how the bit spins.
      • If it constantly touches the counter part then the spindle is true.
      • If it moves away and back from the counter part, in a wobble, then you know that the spindle is the source.

      If all else fails - Kevin Serrato, from Gunther Diamond Tools is available to help you problem solve your Gunther Drill Press issues. Give him a call (520) 314-9809 (MST) or send him an email at

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