Diamond Drill Bits

Our diamond core drill bits are the best in the World. They are similar in function to a sintered drill bit, where the diamonds are completely interspersed throughout the metal, but our proprietary production process produces a stronger bit with a longer life span.  Most sintered bit are produced by melting diamonds and metal power together. Our manufacturing process pulls the metal over a diamond matrix, which results in a higher concentration of diamond for superior cutting power. Additionally, each bit is grinded between peaks to allow for a smaller abrasion area with high rotation precision.

Our drill bits can yield 500 to 800 holes per bit. When combined with our cooling and the self centering systems you have a fast and precise drilling tool.

We maintain a drill bit inventory of Standard Stock Sizes (1.0mm, 1.5mm 2.0mm,….8.0mm) and can ship these within a two days of your order. If you need a special size we are happy to make it custom for you. We can build drill bits in 0.1mm increments. Other variations can include wall shorter or longer bit lengths and different wall thicknesses. For custom ordered drill bit diameter please order from the here: Custom Size Drill Bits. For any other custom orders you can contact us at the contact us page, or by email at kevin@guntherdiamondtools.com, or by phone at (520) 314-9809.