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Lapidary Drill Counter Parts - Custom Sizes

by Gunther

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We've developed a great solution for "punch out".  When you drill through a stone from one side the opening at the other end most often chips or fractures. This is called "punch out". The way to solve this is to drill halfway from one side then flip the stone over and finish the hole from the other side. The challenge is aligning the holes so that they meet in the middle and remain centered in your stone. We have developed a self-centering system that automatically aligns the holes and ensures a centered hole every time.

The key to this system in the counter part, which is a post that has the same diameter as your drill bit. This counter part is aligned under the drill bit in the magnetic base, and the item to be drilled is then laid on the counter part. You drill halfway through the stone then flip the stone over and put the hole onto the post. Your stone in now perfectly centered and ready to drill through the other half. The drill will meet in the center every time. 

The counter part must be the same size diameter as the drill bit that your using to ensure a perfect alignment. Therefore, you will need to purchase a corresponding counter part every time you purchase a new drilling bit size, but once you have the counter part for that bit size you can use it over and over again for many drill bits. 

These sizes are custom built to your needs. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. We do have Stock Size Counter Parts on-hand and can deliver these in a few days of your order. 

Questions? Please contact us at the contact us page, or by phone at (520) 314-9809, or by email at