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How to Make A Bead

How to Make A Bead

With the Gunther Diamond Tools Drilling systems you can easily and quickly drill spheres into beads. Our bead nest insert provides a secure rest to drill starters holes that then insert into the counter part for perfectly centered holes. The standard system can drill a sphere up to 34 mm in diameter and makes holes that range from 0.7mm to 8.0mm. Check out the video below.


If you are drilling lots of beads you can set up with the bead nest to drill starter holes in all your spheres and then switch out the bead nest for the counter part to finish them. You can make a strand of beads in less than 15 mins. All Gunther Drilling Systems can drill beads. This video shows us using the Gunther Multidrill mounted on a Ryobi Bench Top drill press.

We offer three types of drilling systems to meet you needs. All three systems will handle your bead project with ease. The difference between these systems is your current equipment and your budget. 

Multidrill Startup Kit System

This system is perfect if you already own a drill press. The Multidrill inserts into the chuck of your drill press and instantly modifies it to a water-cooled, diamond core drilling system. Click here to learn more.


Gunther Hobby Drilling System

If you don't already have a drill press then this system if for you. We take our Mulitdrill system and mount it on a Proxxon Drill Press, which one of the best presses money can buy. This system allows the Hobby Drilling System to push the limits of possibility of the Multidrill by pairing it with a top of the line drill press.  Click here to learn more.


Gunther TBH Pro II Drilling System

If you are running a production scale operation, then this system is for you. The TBH Pro II Drilling System model has been re-designed to operate all day, every day. We took apart the Proxxon drill press and re-engineered it with the Multidrill mechanics built inside the press head. The result is a consistent, reliable performance, all day long.  Click here to learn more. 

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