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Multidrill Water Swivel Adapter Kit

Convert Your Drill Press With A Core Drill Water Swivel

core drill water swivelMost benchtop drill presses can quickly drill metal and wood, but if you try stone, glass, ceramic, or concrete, you will find limitations very quickly. You'll find that your drill bit overheats, your material breaks and chips, and you create very nasty dust you don't want to breathe.

-Unless you are using a core drill water swivel (aka Gunther Multidrill Water Swivel Adapter Kit)

Water is the magic ingredient that keeps your drill bit and material cool and reduces the harmful dust generated from stone and glass drilling. A core drill water swivel is an attachment that goes into the chuck of your drill press and connects to a water source. It delivers water through the swivel and the center of the core drill bit. This water manages temperature and ejects the cut material to minimize all the challenges of drilling into stone, glass, ceramic, and concrete.

Most core drill water swivels consist of a hose that connects to a water source, the water swivel, and a core drill bit. The internal components of the swivel spin with the drill press using a series of bearing and gaskets inside a water-tight metal housing that does not spin, so your water hose can stay connected to the water source. The swivel also has a connection point for interchangeable drill bits that allow you to drill different-diameter holes. As you drill, the diamond bit cuts into the stone while the water flow removes the cut material and keeps the temperature cool.

Using a core drill water swivel improves core drilling efficiency as it helps maintain core hole accuracy and speeds up core drilling time. Core drilling is time-consuming, but core drilling with a water swivel can help reduce drilling time.

Water swivels are ideal for core drilling in many applications, from residential projects to professional construction sites. They are safe and easy to use, making them an invaluable tool for core drilling applications, such as lapidary and jewelry making. They are also an economical and efficient way to drill in stone and glass.

Gunther Diamond Tools has patented the best small-diameter core drill water swivel available. Using the precision and quality of German manufacturing, we offer the Multidrill Water Swivel Adapter Kit.

This system converts your drill press to a water-feed diamond core drilling system that can cut hole diameters from 2.0mm up to 8.0mm. It uses drill bits that we make ourselves in Germany. All of our drill bits are sintered diamonds, meaning the diamonds are embedded within the metal matrix of the drill bit. It is not just plated diamond on the outside of a tube. 

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