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Our Diamond Drill Bits Are The BEST…and here’s why

Our Diamond Drill Bits Are The BEST…and here’s why

Most diamond tools are made by encrusting a layer of metal and diamonds onto a metal tube. Once the diamond crust wears off the cutting edge of the tube, the bit no longer cuts and has to be replaced. Your lucky if you get 5 to 10 holes per bit. Our drill bits are made of a diamond/metal matrix throughout the cutting edge. As you cut, the bit is worn back into new cutting surface, so that you can consume the full diamond edge. This is typically called a “sintered bit”, where diamonds are embedded in the metal.

We have improved on the sintered bit through our unique manufacturing process. Most sintered bits are made by melting aluminum and diamonds in a cast. We use a galvanic process to pull metal over a diamond matrix, which results in a higher concentration of diamonds, when compared to other sintered bits. You can expect to get 500 to 800 holes per bit depending on what your cutting. Like I said, “the best in the world”.


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