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Lapidary Bench Drill Press | The Gunther Hobby Drilling System

by Gunther

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The Gunther Hobby Drilling System is the perfect lapidary bench drill press system for the jeweler or stone cutter who need precision tools to create new designs. The Gunther "Hobby" includes a Multidrill System Startup Kit, installed on a premium German Proxxon bench top drill press. The drill press has a very powerful 220 - 240 V-permanent-magnet-motor and a spindle drive via a 3-time band pulley with poly-v-bands. This gives the very important advantage of almost 6-times the torque in the lower speed range (for large drilling diameters). Includes spindle-sleeve-feed for delicate work, and a practical drill-depth-display with an adjustable end stop, as well a precisely located drill spindle.

The Multidrill System Startup Kit will perform only as good as the drill press that its mounted on. The Hobby Drilling System allows you to push the limits of possibility with the Multidrill System by pairing it with a top of the line, Proxxon drill press. 

This system comes with the following:

  • 1 - Proxxon Bench Top Drill Press
  • 1 - Drill spindle with automatic core ejector and 7 mm clamping shaft  (Note: a 6 mm clapping shaft can be provided as a custom option.)
  • 1 - Water pressure hose (6-feet in length) with standard female hose connection.
  • 1 - Magnetic base for the following inserts 
      • 1 - Metal insert that will position the drill bit's counter part
      • 1 - Concave plastic insert, for beads or spheres (i.e. bead nest)
      • 1 - Flat plastic insert, when a flat drilling surface is desired
  • 1 - 2.5 mm Diamond Core Drill Bit with F-Connection & Ejector Needle.(Recommended size to learn with.)
  • 1 - 2.5 mm counter part - for stable alignment while drilling holes.
  • 1 - Sharpening stone, recommended for use with Gunther's Diamond Core Drill Bits.
  • **KRIËGER 350-Watt Voltage Transformer 120V to from 230V AC outlet American European Step Up Down Converter 50 60 Hz outlets includes IEC German Schuko Nema 5-15P cord connection MET certified approved under UL CSA ULT350.
Technical Data
  • Motor 220 - 240 volt** 
  • Rotational speed of spindle: 1.080, 2.400, and 4.500/min. 
  • Spindle sleeve stroke 63 mm 
  • Height adjustments via a crank handle 70 mm 
  • Overhang 140 mm 
  • Usable table area 200 x 200 mm 
  • Column 45 x 500 mm

    **Please note this unit is manufactured in Germany for the European 220v grid and comes with a European plug. To operate this system in the US you must use a transformer to convert the European 220v system to the USA 110v system. We have included a Krieger 350-Watt Transformer to make this conversion.

    All drill presses are made to order and ship from Germany. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery. We offer free shipping but in some areas Duties and Taxes may apply.  Call or email Kevin Serrato with any questions! (520) 314-9809 or