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What Drilling System Is Best For You?

Thank you for your interest in Gunther Diamond Tools. While all of our drilling systems can easily handle stone, glass, and ceramics, it is important to carefully consider your specific needs before making a purchase. With so many options available, selecting the right tool for the job can seem overwhelming. That's why we've created this page to guide you through the process of choosing the best Gunther Drilling System for your needs. We want to ensure that you make an informed decision and get the most out of your investment.

We offer three drilling systems: the TBH Pro 3,  the Hobby, and the Multidrill Water Swivel Adapter Kit. Let's take a closer look at each system. 


TBH Pro 3

TBH Pro 3

The TBH Pro 3 is a high-performance drilling system designed for professionals and heavy-duty applications requiring precise drilling. 

It's built on a Proxxon drill press platform and modified with Gunther components for specialty stone, glass, and ceramic drilling. These modifications result in a shorter distance between the chuck and the end of the drill bit, which increases bit stability and results in less runout for better precision. It can drill a complete range of sizes, from 0.7mm to 8.0mm, making it a versatile and powerful tool for a wide range of drilling tasks.

 The TBH Pro 3 system is ideal for drilling small-diameter bits with minimal vibration and a manual ejector system that allows you to force a clog from a bit. Excessive vibration can shorten the lifespan of all bits and can easily break smaller-diameter bits. With the TBH Pro 3, you can maximize the lifespan of your drill bits and minimize clogging.

The TBH Pro 3 provides a powerful motor, adjustable speed settings, and a durable construction that can handle even the toughest drilling tasks. 

With its low vibration and Manual Core Ejector System, the TBH Pro 3 is built to last and maximize the lifespan of your drill bits. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, the TBH Pro II is a reliable and precise drilling system that can help you do the job correctly. 

  • Highest precision - lowest vibration and runout 
  • Drill any bit size: 0.7mm to 8.0mm.
  • Manual Core Ejector System
  • Dedicated use for Stone, Glass, Ceramic
  • Custom built on a Proxxon Drill Press


The Hobby

The Hobby Drill Press

The Hobby drilling system is the go-to choice for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists who need a versatile tool that can handle a variety of materials. Equipped with a Gunther Water Spindle on a Proxxon TBH drill press, this system can drill through stone, glass, and ceramic in its standard configuration. When drilling wood or metal, simply remove the Gunther Water Spindle and attach the Jacobs Chuck attachment, which accommodates standard fluted drill bits. This flexibility makes the Hobby drilling system a reliable and adaptable tool for any hobbyist or DIY project. 

The Gunther Water Spindle, as found in the Multidrill Water Spindle Adapter Kit, will only perform as well as the drill press you put on. It won't make a lousy drill press better. So, we put it on a top-of-the-line Proxxon drill press to maximize the capabilities of the water spindle. The Proxxon Drill press combined with a Gunther Water Spindle delivers plenty of power and precision, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of drilling projects. 

Similar to the Multidrill Water Spindle Adapter Kit, it has a Spring Core Ejector System. We recommend drillbits from 1.5mm to 8.0mm. Smaller drill bits (below 1.5mm) tend to clog more frequently with this system, so we recommend avoiding them. 

  • Balances precision and versatility
  • Maximize Capabilities of the Water Spindle
  • Drill Bit Sizes: 1.5mm to 8.0mm
  • Spring Core Ejector System
  • Drill stone, glass, ceramic, wood, and metal
  • Includes a Proxxon TBH Drill Press


Multidrill Water Spindle Adapter Kit

Multidrill Water Swivel Adapter Kit

The Multidrill Water Spindle Adapter Kit is an affordable and versatile option for occasional drilling needs. This kit can quickly modify a drill press you already own to allow you to drill through stone, glass, or ceramic.  

The Multidrill Water Spindle Adapter Kit has a 7mm shank that fits into a standard Jacobs chuck, typically found on most bench top drill presses. It clamps in the chuck just like any other drill bit would. A hose from the spindle then connects to a water source, such as a hose or spigot, and supplies water through the center of the drill bit. 

It's important to note that the quality of your drilling experience will depend on the quality of your drill press. If the drill press is of low quality and wobbles, the Multidrill Water Spindle Adapter Kit will also wobble, affecting the quality of your drilling.

It's important to note that the Multidrill Water Spindle Adapter Kit has a spring-loaded ejector needle that can clog on smaller diameter bits. When the water stops flowing, things can overheat very quickly. This overheating, combined with the potential of wobble and runout on low-quality drill presses, can make drilling small-diameter holes very frustrating. Therefore, we recommend using the Multidrill Startup Kit for drilling bits that are 2.0mm or larger in diameter.

Remember, the Multidrill Startup Kit will only work as well as the drill press you use it on. Use a drill press with low vibration and minimal wobble to achieve the best results. 

  • Most affordable option
  • Converts any drill press to drill stone, glass, and ceramic
  • You supply the drill press
  • Drill Bit Sizes: 2.0mm to 8.0mm
  • Spring Core Ejector System
  • It can be used in other tools with a Jacobs chuck, such as a lathe, or hand-held drill


No matter which of our drilling systems you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product built to last. Our systems are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, using only the best materials and components. We also offer excellent customer support, so if you have any questions or concerns about your drilling system, we are always here to help.

Please call for questions and support Monday – Friday (520) 314-9809 (Arizona Time).